The Fascinating History of Immigration in the US

If you are living in the United States, you have undoubtedly heard about immigration concerns recently as the election has brought the subject into the spotlight. However, you should learn more about the history of this so that you can understand the implications of each side of the debate and form your realistic response to others when the situation arises.

The first thing to realize is that there have been people living on this land for thousands of years. Although Europeans began colonization and exploration hundreds of years ago, the first people from Europe to set foot on the soil were, in fact, immigrants themselves.

Native Land Act Map in 1913 MapAt the time the nation was formed, the residents of the newly created country were all immigrants. That is because the natives of the land were

natives of the land sioux survivors

not given status as citizens for quite some time. However, others entering the country were able to obtain immigration status and become citizens, starting businesses, buying land and raising their families.

People came to the US from Europe, Africa, and Asia once the travel routes were well documented. Men, women, and children came to the newly discovered land, though not all of the people that arrived on the land were here voluntarily. Some of these people were brought against their will and forced to work as slaves.

In time, there were additional people who began to come to the US to find work, including those from the Caribbean nations and Central and South America. These men and women often came to the country in search of more money and better lives for their families.

When these immigrants reached the US, jobs were waiting that the residents were unwilling to do for the wages being paid. For instance, many men and women came to the country from Mexico to harvest crops during the fall. This income means a great deal to them, though citizens would balk that the funds were insufficient for a comfortable lifestyle.

During the recent election in 2016, there has been an increased talk about immigrants and deporting them back to their countries of origin. People on both sides of the debate become very fired up when the subject arises, and little gets explored.

There are multiple problems associated with this type of thinking, not the least of which is the challenges of arresting and shipping thousands of folks each day. Taking these people away from their families and jobs would not only create personal hardships, but it could also cause disruption in the work fields of the country.

Of course, folks should not be permitted to break the law. This is the reason that the debate becomes so hot so fast. However, you can learn more about immigration to help find solutions that will work for everyone who is involved. After all, this nation deserves to have a happy, unified approach to the problem if it will be solved efficiently and for good!

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