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Sen. Schumer is Addressing Immigration Reform Again

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Sen. Chuck Schumer is the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee’s immigration subcommittee and he is stepping up to the role of pushing for an immigration reform for the country. He said that the administration has shown serious commitment on the improvement of security borders in the past that it is now an ideal time to focus the efforts on the immigration issues involving legal and illegal immigrants.

The New York senator is keen on leading new avenues for the creation of senate legislation for the immigration reform. He is even reported to be working out ways to get the side of some Republican senators. This comes in a time that health care bill is in its final stages of being passed and many believe immigration reform is the next concern the US should address. The proposed bill being pushed by Democrats have strong immigration enforcement to top what is currently being implemented. It also presents a path of legalization to 12 million illegal immigrants in the US. This part has Republicans and other immigration groups strongly opposing to.

Illegal immigration is still one of the most controversial topics that are pushing many lawmakers to speed up an overhaul in the immigration law of the country.

One Response to “Sen. Schumer is Addressing Immigration Reform Again”

  • Millie says:

    Just found this site as a result of your comment on my immigration reform post. I agree that there are two sides to the debate. Immigration advocates who fail to acknowledge that the other side may have valid points do the entire reform movement a disservice. Instead of relying on moral arguments, reformers must teach opponents why it is that immigration reform will benefit everybody. I think the majority of people do not realize 1.) how much tax revenue is lost when undocumented workers do not pay taxes; 2.) how much more car insurance and health insurance is for insureds when not everybody can get it; and 3.) people will not leave on their own — since mass deportation of 12 million is absurd, there is no solution other than to legalize.

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